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Pilose antler is listed in the “Three precious goods in Northeast China“ It is immature antler of spotted deer or red deer that has not yet been ossified. According to the Monograph of selected medicinal plants of the World Health Organization, ginseng is used as a tonic to stimulate the immune system to boost mental and physical abilities during sickness, chronic illness and recovery. Ginseng and pilose antler capsules strengthen the immune system, improve memory and relieve signs of fatigue, affect detoxification, assist wound and ulcer healing, help with the treatment of arthritis, diabetes, chronic tissue inflammation, infertility, erectile dysfunction and affect endurance during physical exertion.



Oil from the spores of Ganoderma Lucidum has the following effects: calming the mind and the heart, strengthen the spleen, stimulates appetite, helps insomnia, affect the preservation of youthful appearance and longevity, eliminate fatigue, improving the immune system and increases vitality and energy.


Wellmedic Ltd. Gradiska is the exclusive importer and distributor for Europe.

Manufacturer Nanjing Xiyan Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd has registered office in the territory of Canada, covering the North American market.