No. Material Category
1. Polyamide Non-absorbable synthetic sutures
2. Silk Non-absorbable synthetic sutures
3. Flax Non-absorbable synthetic sutures
4. Polycaprolactone Resorbable synthetic sutures
5. Polyglycolic acid Resorbable synthetic sutures
6. Polydioxanone Resorbable synthetic sutures
7. Polypropylene Non-absorbable synthetic sutures
8. Polyvinyldefluoride Non-absorbable synthetic sutures
9. Polyglecaprone Resorbable synthetic sutures
10. Herniamesh mesh for hernia



1. Non-absorbable polyamide for superficial wounds.

2. Non-absorbable black silk is used in dentistry and neurosurgery.

3. Non-absorbable natural flax. Sterile. Length 250cm.

4. Resorbable purple synthetic suture PGA with polycarpolactone and Ca-stearate. Time of resorbtion is 50 to 80 days. There are colored and colorless sutures. They may be applied in every surgery fields especially in gynecology and abdominal surgery.

5. Resorbable polyglycolic acid PGA. Applicable to all types of tissue. The optimal duration of intensity is 28 – 35 days. Time of complete absorption is 60-90 days. It is used in general surgery, abdominal, gynecology, urology and orthopedics. There is also a fastresorptive subtipe of this sutures – OPTIMER – with resistance 10-14 days. Time of complete resorption is 42 days. It is used in gynecology, urology, pediatrics and dental surgery.

6. Slow resorptive monofilament suture polydioxanone (PDO). The optimum suture strength lasts more than 2 months. Total absorption time is 6 to 7 months ( 180 – 210 days).It is recommended for use in operations of the with recovery longer than 8 weeks. It is used in abdominal surgery, during the pancreas operation, ligament, meniscus, pediatric, vascular surgery, patients with diabetes, cancer and in older patients.

7. Non-absorbable monofilament polypropylene suture. It is used in cardiovascular and coronary surgery.

8. Non-absorbable monofilament P.V.D.F blue suture. Made exclusively for cardio pediatric and vascular surgery.

9. Resorbable monofilament polyglecarpone (PGA- GL)The optimal intensity is 21 – 28 days. Time of complete absorption is 90-120 days. They are most commonly used during surgery of the digestive tract and peritoneum, urology, gynecology, pediatrics, the cosmetic – reconstructive surgery.