Available sizes:

No. Title Size
1. Sterile safety syringes 3 ml
2. Sterile safety syringes 5 ml
3. Sterile safety syringes 10 ml
  1. This product, a manual syringe is used immediately after the injection of fluid into the syringe`s body.Screw the needle tightly to the Luer Lock.
  2. Nemojte pritiskati dršku šprice do kraja.
  3. Do not press the handle of the syringe to the end.
  4. Start injecting the fluid into the syringe.
  5. Push the handle inward to t release the air.
  6. Press the handle slightly toward the needle during injection.
  7. Push the handle all the way to the end( until mark ¸¸0¸¸)
  8. Pull the handle back slowly, inserting the needle into the syringe and at the same time pulling the needle out of human’s skin.
  9. When the handle is pulled to the end and the needle is safely located in the syringe the handle needs to be broken and discard all together in medical waste basket.