WELLMEDIC Ltd. Gradiska is one of most perspective wholesale distributors of disposable medical materials, medical devices, equipmentand dietary supplements. We are characterized by broad product assortment, fast and reliable delivery comprehensive services and good relations we make with world`s manufactures and purchaser throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our company WELLMEDIC Ltd. was founded on March 29, 2007 under the name SC DUNJIC Ltd. on September 3, 2009 the name was changed into WELLMEDIC Ltd.

Since the foundation the company is engaged in wholesale of the listed products. The company has 13 employees and the founder of the firm is Chief Physician Slavko Dunjic. Head office and business facility are located in Gradiska, at the following address:

Gradiska Ulica Milosa Obilica 18.

Appreciatingsuccessful business model based on knowledge, experience, and employees` devotion the company records constant growth of total turnover and market share in the medical devices and equipment distribution field.

Our consumers are wholesale distributors all over Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as healthcare facilities in Republic of Srpska.
Entire business of WELLMEDIC Ltd. is defined by quality rules according to requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008.