Welmedic Company Ltd. in its product range includes medical supplies and equipment from leading manufactures. In order for our services in this area was of the highest quality, we strive to constantly monitor new developments in the areas that we do, through continuous education of our employees, and constant communication with manufacturers.

For more information on the products, features, procurement and sales actions, please contact our sales department.

Our product range includes:

Sterilne šprice

Sterile syringes

Sterilne sigurnosne šprice

Sterile safety siringes

Sterilne igle

Sterile needles

I.V. kanile

I.V. cannula

Hiruške rukavice

Surgical gloves



Gaze i zavoji

Gauze and bandages

Infuzioni i transfuzioni sistemi

Infusion and transfusion sets

Stoma program

Stoma set

Hirurški konci

Surgical threads